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Here's What We Shared at Gender Odyssey 2014!

Gender Odyssey is a great forum for sharing information, and greeting old friends and colleagues.
We took the opportunity to announce our new Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Services.

We gave out over 100 lollipops. (Our Archie McPhee fishheads were the most popular, followed by our "minty fresh" underpants! The rootbeer pennies and the pats of butter lollipops went well, too.)

   "Fairy Godmother" Lonness Valenna displays a transgirl swimsuit at the QAMA booth!

We raffled off three great prizes:
  •     $2000 of Laser Hair Removal - won by a trans man
  •     An Archie McPhee Surprise Package
  •     A $50 ETSY gift card

We also took the opportunity to introduce the work of Chris McKelvey, a California gymnastics coach and custom leotard designer. Chris received a request from a friend: "Could you design a pair of underpants for my MTF daughter?" Well, she designed the underpants, and also wonderful gender-affirming swimsuits. See her site on ETSY at www.etsy.com/shop/LeoLines. That's why we gave away an ETSY giftcard.

Hope to see you at our Electrolysis and Laser Open House on September 23! More info in the next blog.

Linda Gromko, MD